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Set Of 4 Cloth Organizer Storage Box

It organizes different types of clothing very easily

⭐ It has 8687 global ratings and 4 out of 5 stars

Why Use Cloth Organizer Storage Box

This set of 4 foldable cloth organizers makes your life simpler and easier. It is flexible to fit your home organization's needs. With 4 different sizes and a diversity of compartments, you can use this to make getting dressed quick and easy. The non-woven polypropylene fabric style makes it easy to guard against moisture, moths, and mold and easier to clean and wipe down with a wet towel and hang to dry. Be sure that all folds are wiped down to remove any residual moisture can also be sprayed with disinfectant, or spot cleaned with paper towels. Also, check another organizer for your wardrobe on Fabviaana

No smell: Unlike other smelly cloth organizer storage boxes that stink and contaminate your clothes, these cloth organizer storage boxes are odorless and non-toxic. You can put your baby's clothes, socks, etc. inside with great confidence.

Easy to use: This product only needs to pull the bottom zipper to complete the assembly. It is very convenient. It will save you a lot of time searching for clothes.

Washable: When you use it for a long time and you feel it is dusty, you can rinse it under water. Unlike other products, you cannot put a drop of water on products.

How to use: You can use the 24-cell dividers for socks, stockings, ties, scarves, or other accessories. The 6-cell dividers can be used for underwear, larger scarves, or tanks. The 7-cell can be used for bras/sports bras. The methods above are just suggestions. You can use your imagination to organize what you want.


√Perfect for organizing camisoles, tights, scarves, belts, crafts, sewing, and office supplies. √Perfect for jewelry, baby clothes, nursery items, socks, lingerie, swimsuits, stockings, tank tops, etc. √Fit in a dresser drawer, under a bed, dorm room dresser, or Closet. √Fit in wardrobe, office, baby room, laundry room, mud room, dorm, etc.

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