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USB Powered Bug/Mosquito Zapper lamp

keep your indoor/outdoor spaces bug-free

Bug zappers have been around for decades as a successful form of eliminating those pesky flying insects from properties. Their technology and efficiency keep your indoor spaces bug-free. With so many different options for indoor insect control, it can be overwhelming to decide exactly which product could be the right choice for you. Luckily, we’re here to help! Why should you choose Zappers over other products? Here are some of the main benefits of these products.

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How Do Bug Zappers Work?

When it comes to attracting insects, zappers use one of the most appealing lures: light. Flying insects, like mosquitoes and a lot of other bugs, have positive phototaxis. Phototaxis is a natural behavior response that takes place when an organism either moves towards or away from light. When drawn to light, like mosquitoes, they are considered positively phototactic.

Other factors that play into the attractiveness of the zapper light include navigational resources, helping insects to fly in a straight line, and wanting to find a source of heat. A variety of insects can be found swarming around your lights at night, and it is many of these such bugs that Zappers specifically target, including:

  • Moths

  • Flies

  • Mayflies

  • Beetles

  • Mosquitoes

And more!

Because many of these insects are nocturnal, zappers are most successful between dusk and dawn. This behavior also benefits the zapper as the light will appear brighter in the dark than during the day, attracting more flying insects.

After being lured from the light, the insects encounter the electric grid. They are electrocuted and eliminated the moment they touch the metal grid. Their bodies typically disintegrate after getting electrocuted, or their bodies might fall beneath the zapper. Sometimes, you might not even see any evidence that the zapper is working – however, you can always rely on hearing a ZAP.

The Benefits of Bug Zappers

One of the biggest benefits of zappers is that they can start eliminating insects as soon as the device is up and running. You don’t have to waste any time after plugging your zapper in for it to start reducing the population of those flying insects in your room. Zappers, when placed successfully, can get rid of plenty of insects – with a noise that you can hear!

Not only do Zappers eliminate multiple types of insects in a short period of time, but they also don’t require any sort of lure, attractant, or pesticide. This product works by luring insects with light. Zappers use electric grids to kill insects, rather than using pesticides or other potentially dangerous chemicals. When used properly, Zappers can be a safe solution for homes with pets and children.

Helpful Tips for Bug Zapping

Zappers are versatile in design and placement; you can hang the device safely from a stationary, supportive spot from the ceiling or wall. One of the ways that you can be sure that your zapper is eliminating the most insects possible is by placing it in the correct spot.

Follow these tips when deciding the best location for your zapper:

Place 20-40 feet away from people, and about 6 feet above the ground.

Make sure your zapper is far enough away from competing light sources, so the zapper is able to attract insects at its full capacity.

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Affiliate Disclaimer

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases


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